Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Day…

Off to Market We Go…

I’d rather get a few extra “zzz’s” on Saturday morning, but today I had the motivation to get up and get the family going.  The motivation…my new camera in hand ready to capture the freshness of homegrown produce at one of our local farmer’s markets!  I figured it was a win win situation.  The girls and hubs get to try all their favorite samples, I get to photograph and buy some of my favorite produce, and well, hubs had the extra job of keeping little sticky fingers out of my way.  It all worked out quite well and we were all quite sticky happy!

 Live_AutoCollage_farmers market


This is how we get our sticky faces….


and this is how we get our sticky hands. 

From plums and peaches, to sprouts and lettuce, I was pleased with my finds today.  I had fun experimenting with my camera and I know I have a lot to learn, so bare with me.  Next up, a trip to the church to get it cleaned and ready for our first outreach at our facility.  Not exactly what I had envisioned for the rest of my Saturday.  In fact, I wasn’t feeling really “inspired” to mop floors, scrub toilets, vacuum, and put together more fans in hopes of keeping the building a bit cooler during this summer heat.  Though I wasn’t all that excited about what needed to be accomplished, I remembered what God teaches me when I humble myself and do the job that no one else wants to do.  It gives me a little “inspiration” to get down there on my hands and knees and learn what He has for me.  Today I learned that serving out of inspiration, instead of obligation, helps me to keep my focus on Him!

Nourishing Thought for Today: The next time you find yourself faced with a task, project, or even a day that you are not looking forward to, first go to the Lord in prayer.  Then, ask Him to make you willing to do the task at hand for Him, and to put a song in your heart as you do it! 




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