Saturday, October 22, 2011

For the love of Friday….and Saturday!

There’s just something “lovely” about….

  • waking up without the sound of the alarm buzzing in your ear (the few extra zzzzz’s did my body some good)!
  • the hubs taking over the princesses’ school work for the morning and them being so proud to show me their work as they got it accomplished!


  • no knowing what to do with myself, other than to clean every inch of the house in my jammies and do two loads of laundry.
  • going on a 2 mile power walk in the middle of the afternoon…just myself, God, and the birds (maybe a squirrel or two).
  • making watercolor pumpkins and painting our toes for Halloween!


  • making a dinner that the entire family will eat (and ask for seconds) and not having to do the dishes! Woot! Woot!
  • getting the princesses to bed on time and watching DVR’d TV episodes with the hubs.


There’s just something “lovely” about…

  • apple picking at Peacefield Orchards in Julian!





  • and picking SO MANY apples that I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them….there will be an apple crisp, apple butter, pumpkin-applesauce cookies, apple-cinnamon coffee cake….okay maybe I will use them all!


  • eating a picnic lunch in the back of the car


DSCN1367 (Trying our apples of course!)

  • walking around the crowded town of Julian and window shopping (okay, I did buy an apple slicer because I think I’ll be doing a whole lot of apple slicing over the next couple of days!)
  • watching my little girl’s face get giddy with excitement when the owner of the horse-drawn carriage sets her atop a “real live” pony!



  • then seeing the princesses’ faces light up when we tell them we’re going to stop and get a piece of Julian Apple Pie before we head out of town! (and they ate it so quickly there were no pictures to capture the moment)


DSCN1376(So tempting, but I had to just settle for a few bites of ice cream.  I now have plenty of apples to make as many “gluten-free” apple pies as I want!)

DSCN1380(What’s left of the hubs’ piece of “Pumpkin-Apple Pie”.  It’s the featured flavor of the month and he gave it two thumbs up!)


Now I’m making a mess doing what I love….baking goodies for church tomorrow!  And yes, apples will be involved because, after all, I have a whole heaping load it’s the season!  I think I’ll throw in a little chocolate too because you can never have too much chocolate!



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