Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Priceless Picture Wednesday!

I had the privilege of teaching three young little ladies how to bake two different types of cookies yesterday and we had so much fun!  These three little ladies are working on their “Cookie Baking” badge as part of one of their Keepers at Home projects.  Keepers at Home is a wonderful book that shares the importance of teaching our daughters to love the Lord and live godly lives by living for Him and serving Him.  My daughters are precious gifts to me and I look forward to not only teaching them, but learning right alongside them as they learn new skills, as well as build character and good habits that are glorifying to the Lord!

There are 6 different types of cookies the girls will be baking in order to earn their badge…cookie bars, drop cookies, sandwich cookie, pressed cookie, refrigerator cookie, and a rolled cookie.  Here, they are working on their sandwich cookies and cookie bars.DSCN2204 They scooped, measured, mixed, folded, and beat their way to delicious “Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies!”

DSCN2205 Sharing ever-so-nicely…

DSCN2209 Watching the paddle of the mixer go round and round….such fun for little girls!

DSCN2213 Spreading on peppermint icing to make the center of their “sandwich” cookie.


DSCN2217 And taste-testing of course!

DSCN2243 The finished product….Oh.So.Yummy!


DSCN2244 And then another round of scooping, whisking, beating, and folding took place as they created “Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars!”

DSCN2246Soft and chewy with lots of melted chocolate chips!  I think I sent them home in a “chocolate-covered coma!”

The girls divided the different types of cookies amongst themselves and we’ll be having our cookie exchange tomorrow evening!  At the cookie exchange the girls will be presenting the type of cookie that they baked along with the recipe to share with their friends.  And at the end of the evening I will present each girl with their “Cookie Baking” badge that they will undoubtedly wear so proudly!   My princess Makenna and I are off to make some delicious “rolled cookies!”

The Christmas tree finally got decorated, now we can all be “cheery” and “bright!”  I had been putting it off for awhile and it was driving my family crazy!  I couldn’t find my ribbon…and you know you have to put the ribbon on before all the ornaments go on.  Let’s just say they celebrated when mom found her darn ribbon!  Hallelujah!


DSCN2228 Fully stocked with ballerinas, homemade gingerbread men, and grandma’s ornaments that you get every year with the dates engraved on them!!


DSCN2232 And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care!

And now I think I’m officially done with the decorating…time to move on to the Christmas cards!  Yes,  we do indeed have Christmas cards this year!  However, at the rate I’m moving, you may have them by the New Year! 

Look for the cookie recipes tomorrow!  And a fun surprise that I tried today….breakfast cake in the crockpot!!  I’m praying that it tastes as good as it smells!



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