Sunday, February 26, 2012

Opening ceremonies…

Let’s PLAY BALL!!  Saturday was the beginning of our 2012 Girls Softball season and what better way to get it started than with an hour and a half of “Opening Ceremonies” announcements fun.  We arrived early in order to perform a “quick change” into our late arriving uniforms.  All decked out and sporting beautiful shades of orange, the princesses were ready to show their stuff!

DSCN3162The hubs had the honor of kicking off the ceremonies with an opening prayer! 

DSCN3159Only in Ramona have I ever seen a monster truck sporting the words “Eat Pork” across it’s windshield!  I guess that’s what you get for living in a small, country town!  I think I should tell him wear he can get some local lean, mean, green veggies that will make him just as strong!

DSCN3134 Here’s our starting pitcher for the “Orange Foxes!” 

DSCN3135 Watch out for “Speedy D”…she’s fast and she’s got an arm!

DSCN3155 Giving my #7 princess a pep talk about not picking too much grass while she’s waiting ever so patiently for her team to be called on the field!

DSCN3139Here she is,  “Little D”…she may be small, but she’s got lots of team spirit and legs that can round those bases in no time flat (maybe it’s because she runs past them forgetting that she actually has to touch the base)!

DSCN3140 My orange princesses!



DSCN3143 Who needs a bat and ball?  Give this little princess some music and lots of room to move and she’s good to go! 


DSCN3148 Gettin’ funky!


DSCN3168 After an hour of announcements these girls were ready for a little action…believe me, I was yawning right along with her!

DSCN3169Here we go…showin’ some team spirit and giving high fives as the other teams round the field.

DSCN3164 DSCN3166  And they’re off…

I’m seeing things in a new light shade of orange these days!  For the next three months these fields will become our new home.  I’m preparing myself for many hours sitting on cold, hard bleachers and getting down and dirty with the best of them!  Bring it on!!

Oh! And I’ll be bringing something sweet your way real soon along with a look at some of my favorite gluten free flour blends!



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