Saturday, March 24, 2012

And the run is on!!

Let’s get ready to run!!  Here’s a re-cap of our morning…

Got the hubs’ and my stuff ready for our bright and early wake up call!  Five AM came way too quickly for me.

DSCN3452 DSCN3453

 We made it out the door and off to downtown San Diego by 6am!

Parking was a bear and we ended up having to walk about 5 or so blocks…our warm-up!  The registration line was forever long, so I was thankful that I pre-registered us online and we were able to walk right up to the front of the line and get our bibs and shirts.  After a quick potty break, we made our way to the starting lineIMG_3837

Couldn’t have asked for a better running partner!  We had a blast running our first 5K together and have a feeling there will be some more in the near future.IMG_3835 The “timed” runners were first in the shoot (see those orange things on our shoes, that was our chip timer)!  We made it there about 15 minutes early and it was dang cold (made for a nice cool run though!)!

IMG_3838 It was hard to loosen up because I was so cold!  I look like a statue!  I really was excited…really!!


IMG_3839 At about 10 minutes until start time I looked behind me and, “Holy Cow!,” there were a lot of people.  You could definitely tell the ones that were their to “race-to-win” and I found myself getting a bit intimidated.  I had to remind myself why I was doing this and that I was ready to run!!

After we made it through the mad dash at the starting line, the scenery on our route made for a pleasant run.  It seemed like everyone and their mother was passing us, but considering the number of people running I felt we stayed strong and kept a pretty steady pace.  The hubs said mile 3 was the hardest point for him, but for me it was mile 2…after we passed the 1 mile marker it seemed like forever to reach mile 2!  My only frustration throughout the run was the skinny portions of sidewalk, which caused some “bottlenecking” and nowhere to pass.

Hello finish line and hello victory!!!IMG_3840

IMG_3841 He was a bit more photogenic than I was!  I still needed to catch my breath!



Here’s our stats… The HubsIMG_3849

Mine…aka “Wifey”IMG_3852 Considering it was our first race, we were pretty stoked with the results!

The hubs was more stoked that there were free snacks at the finish line!  We grabbed ourselves some water and oranges…the hubs helped himself to some Pop Chips and a chocolate muffin (so nutritious!).  We perused the vendors while waiting to hear the results of the race and I found myself some delicious Starbucks green tea-lemonade.IMG_3842 I also filled our bags with some hopefully helpful information about autism to send off to my sister-in-law.

Some more post-run snacks that I had waiting for us in the car (we had to jet back home to watch our princess Cailyn’s t-ball game, so there was no time to stop and eat!)


After a nice hot shower, an amazing dinner (made Mama Pea’sSpaghetti Squash Casserolejust subbed out the broccoli for zucchini!) and some Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies (made them gluten free/dairy free…just subbed out the flour with Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose gluten free flour + 1/2 tsp xanthum gum, subbed out the egg for a “flax egg”, and used Earth Balance for the butter) for dessert, this “Wifey” is ready for bed!!




  1. Congratulations on your run!! I never raced, but when my kids were young, I would drive them to school (they went to a Catholic School) and then ran two miles in the nearby park. I had to stop after a few weeks due to some weird looking guy, and I was the only one (besides him) in the park. It was pretty isolated with lots of trees and brush along the path I ran, so it made me nervous. I hated to stop running there.

    1. Thank you! It was a huge accomplishment for me and hopefully I can keep it up! I stopped running down the street for that same reason and just stick to the area closer to our home. It can be quite scary if you are running alone!