Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What’s Been Happening…Take 2!

I realized my last post was getting a bit lengthy and perhaps causing a few to yawn here and there!  Sorry!  But, here I go again!  Just wanted to finish sharing some of the fun things we’ve been up to this summer…I’ll try and do it in a few less words this time!

We celebrated Father’s Day a bit late this year…had a picnic lunch down at Sea Port Village in San Diego, then off to our first family Padre game!

DSCN4490 DSCN4491 A beautiful day for kite flying and stacking rocks!

DSCN4492 DSCN4495 DSCN4497 DSCN4498 Scored some good seats for the game!


DSCN4503 All decked out in our Padre gear (there was a cool breeze, so we all bundled up in our jackets!)

DSCN4506 One happy hubs!


I had the privilege of helping my mom host a bridal shower for a good friend of hers.  I was in charge of all the decorations and baking carrot cupcakes as requested by the bride-to-be! 



DSCN4525 The bride’s “candy bar”…a fun way to say “thank you” to all her guests.

DSCN4528 The “food” table, which was soon to be filled with 5 different kinds of salads.  I created little chalkboard signs with the names of each salad.

DSCN4530 Pink and brown polka dots were the bride’s colors…I used mason jars for the centerpieces (at this point the flowers still hadn’t arrived) and a piece of burlap as a table runner.

DSCN4533 DSCN4535 Unfortunately I had to jet to my cousin’s baby shower as soon as I was done decorating and setting up for the bridal shower, but I hear it was a huge success and the bride-to-be was more than pleased with how everything came together!

DSCN4545 Spent some time with my Princess Makenna and my baby sister at our cousin’s baby shower!  Apparently these two had a little too much fun in the back seat with my camera while I was taxiing them around.


We rounded out this week with a fun trip to The Blueberry Company in Temecula.  It was hot, to say the least!

DSCN4586 But between the hunt for sweet berries, feeding the chickens and gathering their eggs, the heat became a thing of the past.


We had so much fun hunting for berries up and down the rows and rows of blueberry bushes.  The hubs had a knack for finding the biggest berries hiding in the shade of the bottom branches!  We ended up gathering two pints of blueberries and now I’m wishing we had a bit more!  The first pint quickly came and went into Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry Muffins and Blueberry Picnic Bars (recipe to come!).  We’re trying to stretch out our last pint, enjoying the berries on top of breakfast cereal, oatmeal and Greek yogurt.

Chicken feeding and egg gathering was quite a treat for the girls…something they have to look forward to with their own chickens real soon!

This week will be a fun week of celebrations….a belated anniversary “stay-cation” for the hubs and I, followed by the Independence Day Run in Coronado and Fourth of July Fireworks! 


Coronado 4th of July run

See you after racing day!!




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