Monday, July 21, 2014


Surprise! Surprise! I finally found me some time to sit down and try this again! My little princesses are enjoying themselves at an art class and so here I am sitting outside Starbucks enjoying a green tea and catching up with you all!


I think it would be WAY too long of a post, not to mention boring, to share “everything” that has gone on over the last several months. Here are some highlights to catch us up and then we can move on to the fun stuff!

    • We sold our home! The Lord brought us buyers within a month of putting the house on the market and we were moved out within 30 days…talk about a whirlwind!
    • We are now taking on the challenge of apartment living…downsized to about half of what we were used to! The princesses are adjusting fairly well to sharing a room and I am adjusting to a very small kitchen and no pantry…it’s the little things that really make us appreciate what we have!
    • During all the craziness, the hubs decided to take a 10 week class to become a certified trainer! He loves fitness and the gym has become such a ministry field for him, so it couldn’t be a better opportunity. So proud of all that he has accomplished!!
    • I am still on quite the journey to regain my health.  Some days I take two steps forward and three steps back, but I have faith that the Lord has great plans for me at the end of this long road! I may have lost some strength physically, but God and the support of my family have given me the strength to press on even when I think I can’t! So blessed! (more on this later!)
    • The princesses are starting a new school in the Fall! We have been blessed with the opportunity to send them to Ramona Christian Academy, a full-time private school. I am so very thankful that the princesses are just as excited as we are to start this new adventure of learning and personal growth! For this season of our life homeschooling was becoming more challenging for myself and everyday seemed to be harder than the last.  The hubs and I decided that it would be best for our family to take a break from full-time homeschooling and before we knew it the Lord placed this particular school right in our laps! We will still be very involved with our princesses…hubs will be teaching fitness classes every week and once a month I have the pleasure of teaching a nutrition/cooking class.

I think that has brought us up to speed for now!  And in between it all we have been able to enjoy some family time at the beach…

Downtown San Diego…

old town 1

old town 2

Seaport Village 1

Blueberry Picking at Temecula Blueberry Company

Date with my hubs at my favorite little coffee shop, Kettle Coffee and Tea

Kettle Coffee and Tea

and with my princesses…

Starbucks 1

Their first Starbucks Frapaccino!

Starbucks 2

Lunch at Little Italy farmers market…

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for more!



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