Monday, January 14, 2013

Green Shots and Hot Tea….

After a semi-schooling week last week, it’s safe to say we have officially hit the floor running with a full load of work this week!  We had made some home-schooling curriculum changes for this semester and this mama needed to “ease” her way back into the new swing of things.  With that said, I still feel like I’m doing a little catching up on my blog and wanted to share our “last hoorah” before things settle back into more of a normal routine…if that’s what you want to call it!

The hubs and I felt it was important that we try and get away to have a little time together and “re-connect”, so what was originally supposed to be an “overnight date” at a Carlsbad resort turned into a “half-day make-up date” because our lovely and drastic weather changes decided to impress a sinus migraine onto our Princess Makenna.  I’ll spare the details, but let’s just say it was a sad, sad day for everyone!

But the hubs and I made the most of our “half-day make-up date” by heading down to the Carlsbad Village area and taking a stroll through all the quaint shops and antique malls.  Any “stroll” with the hubs, however, would not be complete without food, so our first stop was here…

DSCN6215It was a cute corner shop with an assortment of fresh, 100% fruit smoothies to choose from.  There were so many choices, I think I could have eaten there for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


DSCN6217 For the hubs, on the other hand, this was just a snack to tide him over until lunch.  I did convince him, however, to do a little “green shot” with me…our first taste of wheatgrass!

DSCN6218 Oh the goodness of GREEN!


DSCN6220 Not too bad!  Now for the sweeter side of things…

DSCN6222 The hubs opted for a “Tropical Smoothie” with pineapple, banana and coconut, while I went for the “Peachy Greens” with peach, apricot, strawberry and spinach.  Both choices were so refreshing and perfect to take along our village walk.  If you’re ever in the Carlsbad area Beach City Smoothies is a must try!!

After a few hours of walking and a little shopping, we both worked up quite the appetite.  And we both had a craving for one of our favorite spots in Carlsbad…Elevation Burger!  They pride themselves in serving sustainably prepared food and 100% organic grass-fed beef.

DSCN6225Can you guess who’s is who’s? 

DSCN6226 Give this man some MEAT!  He said he had his quota of greens for the day and was ready for something a little more substantial (at least it was grass-fed beef and organic cheese!).

DSCN6229 And I’ll take the VEGGIES!  I love their vegan burger wrapped in lettuce with pickles, onions and elevation sauce (a tangy tomato based sauce).  Despite the fact that we were a bit limited on time, the hubs and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together and felt re-charged and ready for the week ahead!


The hubs headed back to work and the princesses and I still had a couple days to “play”, so we enjoyed a special “Tea Time” together with my mom and grandmother.  It was Cailyn’s first real experience at a tea house and she loved every minute of it!


We chose to go to the Julian Tea and Cottage Arts, which I have become very fond of.  They offer a wide selection of teas and have a great menu…all of which I was able to get gluten free!DSCN6247 The princesses chose to have their children’s tea, which included a sandwich, fruit, scone, and dessert cookie.DSCN6248 DSCN6263 Turkey and cheese on whole wheat bread…

DSCN6249 Love the beautiful dishes…

DSCN6252 Enjoying her cup of warm “apple tea”…warm apple juice with cinnamon!



DSCN6261 Sipping ever so politely!

DSCN6262 Princess Makenna has been to tea a time or two herself and was just all smiles as she enjoyed every moment.

DSCN6264 My gluten-free spread…curry chicken, egg salad and traditional cucumber tea sandwiches.

DSCN6267 A gluten-free scone with lemon curd and raspberry jam.  Instead of dessert cookies like everyone else, they offered me some gluten-free pumpkin bread.

DSCN6266 She savored every bit of her scone covered in jam!  It was a beautiful afternoon spent with some of the most beautiful ladies in my life!!

Our play time has ended and now it’s time to get back to reality…and I got there real quick this morning!  Hopefully tomorrow I can at least make it to the shower before the hubs has to leave for work!

I’m excited to share with you some recipes that I’ve been “sitting on,”  so to speak, as I help our family get prepared to take a 30 Day Paleo Fitness Challenge!  We’ve all still really been enjoying doing CrossFit together and the challenge that it brings, so we’ve decided to challenge ourselves even more with the food choices we make.  I’ll find out more at our box tonight what the challenge entails and can’t wait to bring you along with us!



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