Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weekend Recap…

Girls on The Go run weekend!  The hubs graciously drug himself out of bed at 4:30am Saturday morning with me…we let the princesses sleep in until 5:00 and then piled our tired little selves into the car.  First stop, Grammy and Papa’s for a princess drop-off!!  The hubs, my sister and I booked it down to Mission Bay because we had not picked up our race bibs yet and were not quite sure where we were headed.  Thankfully there was no traffic and we made good time because it was quite a trek just to get to the registration and race festivities area!  As soon as my sister and I got our bibs I made a b-line for the bathrooms, which I ended up waiting in line until just before it was time to take our spot for the race.  I left the hubs in charge of the camera and bless his heart for trying to capture some good pics (they’re a little on the blurry side)!! 


 Ready to run, but not quite awake yet…

DSCN6825 Waiting amidst the sea of runners….I’m thinkin’ my sister is a little more than excited to get going!

DSCN6834 And we’re off…with smiles on our faces (it sort of looks like I’m sticking out my tongue)!!

DSCN6844 And we’re back….

DSCN6845 Still have those smiles!  I was so proud of my sister for running her first race at under a 10 minute mile pace the entire way.  I swear the socks with the capes really helped…they almost made us fly!!

DSCN6868 Our finisher’s medal…my first medal with a little “bling!”

DSCN6870 There were lots of “freebies” being handed out and I snagged these, plus a water, to hydrate after the run.  My sister and I agreed that coconut water is somewhat of an acquired taste.  She’s not a fan and thinks it tastes a bit like dirty feet.  The hubs LOVES the stuff and I enjoy it occasionally, but it’s not my first choice for a drink.

DSCN6871 My princesses made it down safely, sporting their “Wonder Woman” attire.

DSCN6872 Stretching out and getting their “race faces” on…

DSCN6873 Watch out for this one!  It’s just a “fun run” sweetie, no need to get aggressive!

DSCN6879 My babies…so proud of them!


DSCN6891 And they’re off…

DSCN6884 They look like they’ve done this before!

DSCN6902 And they’re back!

DSCN6908 I think they’re hooked or they just want another pretty medal!  Either way, they both had a lot of fun and were so proud of themselves for running the whole way!

DSCN6909 My biggest fan…My Superman!!


Enough with the running, let’s go eat!!  We met my parents at The Eggery near Mission Beach to fill our bellies and celebrate our victory as well as an early Mother’s Day.DSCN6915I opted for a spinach frittata with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.  It was so good and just enough to fill me up without feeling stuffed.

DSCN6914 Everyone enjoyed their meal and the service and atmosphere was fabulous!  Although parking was a bit of a hassle, I would definitely recommend this beach-front restaurant for breakfast!!

DSCN6916 In the middle of her meal this little princess decided to lose her front tooth!  Just bit into a pancake and it popped right out onto the table!

I finished off the weekend feeling blessed and loved by my sweet little family!  The hubs preached a wonderful Mother’s Day message that left every mother in tears or at least tugging at their heart-strings.  After church the hubs and my princesses said the “day was mine,” so what better to do than shop…for none other than groceries and home improvement goodies!

DSCN6921Pinterest projects here we come!

DSCN6933 I’m a regular…the “Ramona Gal” who shops here faithfully every Sunday. 

 Apparently the princesses had a couple other places in mind as well…

DSCN6918 Jamba Juice…to power through the shopping and because it was so blazin’ hot outside!


And because she wouldn’t hear of me cooking on Mother’s Day…DSCN6923 My little Cailyn insisted that I have my favorite veggie tacos at Chipotle!  Two treats in one day, now that is simply unheard of!!

The hubs blessed me with a new “donut” pan (I’m thinking there’s a little hint behind that gift!) and an awesome Crossfit journal.  Now I can successfully live up to this (except it looks like I’ll be baking donuts this week!)…

CrossFit Clothing T-Shirts - Bing Images

And speaking of Crossfit, today’s WOD is a doozy!

Max double unders in 3 min.

400 M run

Max hand stand push-ups in 3 min.

400 M run

Max strict pull-ups in 3 min.

400 M run

Just thinking about it is making me sweat!  Have an awesome week!




  1. I'm so glad to have found your precious blog. What a gorgeous faith-filled family. We have so much in common -- food, faith, fitness. Congrats on your race! Looks like such a fun day! Oh and to run in Mission Bay... jealous! I grew up in So Cal.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! My family keeps me on my toes, so a run here and there is always fun! Thank you again for the great giveaway, I am so excited to receive the "Gather" cookbook in the mail!