Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Not My Time…

I cringe at the date that I last had something interesting to blog about…YIKES!  I’ve set myself goals and have had lofty ambitions as to what direction I should take with this blog, but God has made it very clear that this is JUST NOT MY TIME to write.  I think it’s safe to say we all go through different “seasons” of life, if you will, and some of these “seasons” take us down very different roads.  Some of these roads are smooth and easy to walk along, while others tend to be a bit rocky and steep making it a harder trek.  Well, I (and my family) seem to be in a “season” of life that has taken me on a VERY LONG, STEEP and RIVETED road that has been very difficult to travel. 

In short, the last few months have taken a toll on me both physically and emotionally as I still battle with some ongoing health issues.  I am very blessed to have found a doctor that has taken the time to not only listen, but pray with me as we try to go about healing my body.  I have come to find out that after years of damage to my digestive system it is not going to be a quick fix, but a process that is going to essentially be a journey in itself.  It’s going to take patience and diligence on my part, both of which I am quickly discovering I don’t have much of!! 

While I’m not ready to quit blogging and sharing tidbits of life and some good eats with you all, I believe God is asking me to change my focus and pour the time He’s given me into other things…first and foremost is my time spent with Him and second, is my family!  As I trudge along this path that God has put me on right now, He keeps these 10 reminders fresh in my mind and close to my heart:

  • I will give you rest
  • I will strengthen you
  • I will answer you
  • I believe in you
  • I will bless you
  • I will not fail you
  • I will provide for you
  • I will be with you
  • I am for you
  • I Love You!

Amidst all of the ups and downs I’ve been blessed with a fabulous hubs whose also been sensitive with his time, which has allowed us to spend more time together and with our princesses. 

As of late, we’ve enjoyed Disneyland

DSCN6437 2 days at the “Happiest Place on Earth” with awesome friends!

DSCN6440 DSCN6446 That face just says it all!

DSCN6451 DSCN6460 Simply Silly!

DSCN6461 She overcame her fear of “3D” shows on this trip!

Downtown San Diego

DSCN6626Family day at Sea Port Village! Frozen yogurt treats…one chocolate lover

DSCN6628and one strawberry lover!

DSCN6630 Never too old to ride the carousel!

DSCN6633 And get balloon animals!

And we’ve had some wonderful homeschooling experiences

DSCN6484 Owl Pellet dissection!

DSCN6481 Over an hour of searching for tiny little bones…


The Julian Mining Company to learn about the Civil War… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

DSCN6699 DSCN6701 DSCN6705 DSCN6710 DSCN6717 DSCN6720 DSCN6724 DSCN6727 DSCN6728 DSCN6729 Awesome hands-on history experience!

There’s been softball…

GO SLAMROCKS!DSCN6467 DSCN6470 DSCN6544 DSCN6547 DSCN6550 DSCN6476 Big sister’s little cheerleader!!  

And gymnastics…

DSCN6396 DSCN6399 Getting flexible…

DSCN6407 And building confidence!

DSCN6408 DSCN6421

And somewhere along the way, the hubs and I squeezed in a morning “brunch” date in Del Mar… DSCN6572 Found this deal on Living Socials a few months ago and we finally found some time to go check it out.

DSCN6568 Hot chamomile tea on a cool morning hit the spot for me!

DSCN6570Veggie frittata with zucchini, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil…YUM!

DSCN6571 Breakfast burrito for the hubs…this was his “cheat” meal for the week!

The hubs and I have been trying to stay strong on the “Paleo Bandwagon!” There are rare occasions when we do go out to eat (like the hub’s breakfast burrito above!) and “splurge,” if you will.  It’s usually on Mexican food because I just have to have a corn tortilla for my fish taco you know!!  Fortunately my love for cooking and baking is still going strong and I’m constantly trying and experimenting with new ingredients and recipes that my family have come to love, so there really isn’t a need to go out to dinner much at all anymore!!

Check out these dishes we tried just this week…

Grain Free Blueberry-Strawberry Cobbler by Tasty Yummies

DSCN6808 The princesses helped me out making this one and had more fun “dropping” the dough on top of the berries!  Although it didn’t look as pretty, it sure made up for it in taste!  There’s just something wonderful about fresh, warm, sweet berries!

And Paleo Pizza!

DSCN6813 You can check out the recipe here.  The hubs said the flavor from all the veggies (I used red peppers, zucchini and swiss chard) and the “crust” (made from a mixture of cauliflower and almond flower) made up for the lack of cheese…YEAH for success! 

DSCN6812 The princesses agreed that it was not lacking in flavor and tasted “better than restaurant pizza!”  Of course, their pizza was bubbling with some lovely organic mozzarella cheese!

The whole family is still loving Crossfit and love that we are getting fit and staying strong together.  I’ve seen quite a few PR’s over the last few months, which has been exciting for me…I love to see proof that I am getting stronger!  Crossfit has also helped increase my endurance and I’ve seen better results in my running lately, which excites me since I’ve got a run coming up this weekend.  My sister, the princesses and I are running in the San Diego Girls on the Go Run to celebrate Mother’s Day!  My sister and I will run the 5K (this will be her first one!) as “Team Wonder Woman” and the princesses will be running a 400 meter dash.  I hope to get some great pics of all us girls decked out in our “Wonder Woman” attire and the hubs sporting his “Superman” shirt as he cheers us on from the sidelines!


Sorry for the LENGTHY post, but there was lot’s to catch up on!  And while the posts from here on out may be few and far between, I thank you for allowing me to share my journey thus far. 

I know that God is walking right beside me along this rough road and there is a reason for the things I am struggling through right now.  I will keep faith that God has something far better planned for me and these struggles and the pain I am enduring at the moment are only strengthening me to become a better person and, ultimately, more like Him!!

I know this to be a fact!

Blessings to you,


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